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Shoto Konthe Rabindranath – Welcome to North America Bengali Conference – NABC 2022

Shoto Konthe Rabindranath

NABC2022 is pleased to send warm invite to all Tagore-lovers and singers from all over North America to join the uniquely grand choral rendition of Rabindra-Sangeet “শতকণ্ঠে রবীন্দ্রনাথ- SKR” which has been an integral part of the cultural extravaganza since NABC2015 in Houston. Like previous years,Tagore Society of Houston will spearhead the 6th anniversary of SKR in collaboration with NABC2020 and many other participating organizations.

Please contact the leaders of Project SKR at NABC2022:
Kamalpriya Roy of Tagore Society of Houston (kamroy292@gmail.com)
and Debasis Adhikari of NABC2022 (debasisadhikari@yahoo.com)