Exhibition / Workshop

The North American Bengali Conference (NABC) 2022 Art and Craft Exhibition will be held on July 1 to 3 (Friday to Sunday) in the Melrose 1 and 2 rooms on the Mezzanine level of the Corporate Convention Center of Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

As distinct from cultural performances, literary and business seminars, film shows and reunion meetings, Exhibition is a unique facet of NABC that will focus on the Bengali Language and Heritage and try to expose generations of the Bengali diaspora to the same. Support for it comes from a group of dedicated and heritage-conscious individuals, steeped in the history of Bengal and its culture, who have striven to keep the cultural flame alive to illuminate the minds of the conference attendees. The art and craft displays will range from art forms that are disappearing to new and evolving forms that are useful and applicable in the modern context.

The 37’ X 49’ exhibition area will be divided into six sections with different groups of exhibits and interactive activities. The goal is to create a bridge between the artists or craftsmen on display and the spectators viewing their work. The central area will have a decorative structure on a dais tastefully representing the motif of the effort. The following will be the six sections or segments of the Exhibition.

Section 1: Bengal – the Land of Year-round Festivities
Festivities glimpsed through miniature dolls and clay figurines
Will depict Pujas (Durga, Saraswati), Jatras (Ratha, Raas), and Seasonal Bratas
Section 2: Sustainable Income Source of Artists and Craftsmen
An eye-opening display of the mesmerizing world of Folk Arts, Crafts and Textiles
An opportunity to purchase the displayed items to benefit the artisans
Section 3: Curated Arts and Crafts from West Bengal and Bangladesh
A potpourri of artifacts
Section 4: Hands-on Workshops for All Ages Conducted by Master Artists
Learn to create traditional masks, toys and Alpana designs with different media
Documentaries on artisans at work
Section 5: Selected Art, Sculpture and Photography by the Global Bengali Community
Original artworks capturing the moods and emotions of the community
Section 6: Meeting, Greeting and Mingling under the Banyan Tree
Bengali Adda recreated with participants across generations

Viewing Bengal Through A Collage: Art, Architecture, Artifact and Practice

  • বারো মাসে তেরো পার্বণ — Glimpses of Year-round Festivities of Bengal
    • Depicting Pujas (Durga), Jatras (Ratha, Raas) and Seasonal Bratas
  • নক্সীকাঁথার মাঠ – Display on Mesmerizing World of Folk Arts, Crafts and Textiles
    • Rare Photographs on Bangladesh at Fifty and Birth Centenary of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
  • শিল্পমেলা – Curated Arts and Crafts from All Districts of West Bengal
    • A Potpourri of Artifacts
  • কর্মশালা — Workshops for All Ages Conducted by Invited Master Artists from India
    • Learn to Create Simple Masks, Toys, and Alpana Designs with Different Media
  • চিত্রশালা – Selected Art, Sculpture and Photography by the Global Bengali Community
    • Original Artworks Capturing the Mood and Emotion of the Community
  • চলার পথে বটতলাতে — Bengali Adda under the Banyan Tree Re-created at the Rotunda
    • Meeting, Greeting and Mingling of Participants across Generations


Partha Dasgupta (B-1966) is from Kolkata, His creative mind travels easily from paintings to sculptures in ceramic and vice versa with poetic sensibility. He went to Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata, Kala Bhavana, Visva-Bharati University, received the Lalit Kala Research Grant, National Scholarship, Junior Research Fellowship & Senior Research Fellowship between 1995-2010. He’s an artist whose innate sense of discipline spills over to underline all his art; his style meticulous yet never ornate, a crystalline rhythm defining his work in diverse media. Apart from 3 important solos in India,  including the 1 St Ceramics Triennial in India and participating major art expositions in his native country Partha designed architecture projects in India, USA, participated international ceramic expositions in South Korea and Bahrain, Triennale workshop and curate three important art shows.A major number of his outcome of the last 30 years is in collections in USA, SOUTH KOREA, BAHRAIN, UK and with important institutions in India.  Partha lives and works in Kolkata.


Sudhi Ranjan Mukherjee(B-1957) Is originally from Hooghly, currently residing in Shantiniketan, Birbhum, West Bengal, where in Visva Bharati, Santiniketan he was an Assistant Lecturer in Fine Arts. Heearned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in PAINTING between 1975-1980 from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata. He became a National Cultural Scholar in PAINTING at Kala-Bhavana, Visva Bharati under the guidance of Prof Dinkar Kowshik 1975-1977 (awarded by Central Government of India).

He had an extensive training in Applied Art at the Art Section of NATIONAL COUNCIL OF SCIENCE MUSEUMS. Apart from receiving numerous first prizes from 1970 onwards from renowned Indian Art Institute he had received first prizes in International Art-Exhibition, beside participating in more than a dozen GROUP and SOLO Art-Exhibitions in Academy of Fine Arts, Birla Academy of Art and Culture,

State Academy of Dance,Drama,Music and Fine Arts, Galleries and Organized shows by Govt. of India up to 1991 . Till date he is involved in Stage craft for major Dance Dramas and other productions in and out of Santiniketan.


Mrinal Mandal (B-1977)-is from Raghunathpur, Jhargram, West Bengal Mrinal is a Gold Medalist in BVA and MVA from Govt.Art College in Kolkata. Between 2000-2011 had four solo exhibitions. From 1995 – 2002 – Government College Kolkata – Annual Shows he had participated. From 1996-2018-had 19 group exhibitions in Kolkata, Delhi in prestigious galleries. From 1996-2015 he had participated and conducted workshops simultaneously. All these did not stop him. Beside gaining Research Experiences in 2012 he founded CHALCHITRA ACADEMY. He had enough field experiences to start on a project at Khwaabgaon, Jhargram, with the vision of empowering tribal people in a holistic approach to achieve their sustainable economic growth and overall development which includes health and hygiene, modern education with vocational training through cultural and spiritual freedom. Collection of his Arts more than 100 pieces are in many places including Reserve Bank of India, UK, USA and more. He worked as the asst, Art Director for Shyam Benegal on his film “Bose, the Forgotten Hero” along with Music video for Channel V.


Aparajita’s journey with colors began at a very early age. She was inspired by her maternal grandfather — a well-known artist in India and a student of Rabindranath Tagore, the first Asian Nobel laureate. After her family immigrated to the United States, she continued drawing through her school years, winning several awards and recognition for her art. She graduated from St. John’s University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Finance. She worked in the financial/banking field but decided to immerse herself into art to pursue a career in Fine Arts. She had years of training with many award-winning artists, at her neighborhood Visual Arts Center and other art organizations, and worked with various media such as oil, pastel, acrylic, charcoal, and watercolor as well as mixed media.

Additionally, she has studied Graphic Design from Rutgers University and have completed Visual Arts/Art History courses at Princeton University. She continues to focus on developing her skills and expanding her artistic range by exploring abstractions with mixed media. She is constantly considering and experimenting with new techniques and themes. In her own words she said that her art “resonates with a sense of mystery, poetry, lyrical rhythm, and movement of patterns in nature, our environment, and our Earth.”Over the last couple of years, she has been keenly observing the beautiful Earth through the clouds during her travels around the world. She felt a need to use her artistic expression to raise awareness about ‘Our Earth’ and the environmental issues people face today. Reminding mankind to get together, to work towards saving our Earth, which will lead to making the Earth a safer place for future generations.

To reflect this passion, she started painting a new series called “Ridges,” where painstakingly she tried to bring the majesty of our Globe to her canvas as a tribute to our beloved planet. Shows: More than 35 shows from 2010-to present took place in major Cities, States, and abroad like California, Massachusetts, New York, NJ, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Canada, Italy , Japan Teaching/Involvements. From 2012-17 she taught in several places, starting from After school Enrichment art classes and moving to a teaching artist and finally ending as the Co-Chair of Art Action committee – Princeton Day School 2016- 2017 Awards/Recognition

2019-20 from: International Artist 2020: Selected for Agora gallery representation, Chelsea, NYC 2019-20: The Circle Foundation of the Arts, ‘Ridges 6’ recipient of Honorable Mention, Artist of the Year Award Contest. 2010-15 received numerous awards of excellence, special recognition award, Special Merit Award.