About ABP Weddings

In today’s busy life the young eligible bachelors and bachelorettes get very little time to look for their soulmate on their own and when it comes to choosing a Bengali groom or bride, the search becomes even tougher.

Presenting one of the most reputed Bengali matrimonial sites – ABPWeddings.

Originating from the house of Anandabazar Patrika, ABPweddings understands the preferences of Bengalis and carries it in its DNA, the legacy of 100 years of “Patro-Patri” classifieds. ABPweddings has the largest database of eligible and Photo ID verified Bengali singles in the world. In this 21st century it’s all about being online, be it online shopping, online booking etc., so why not online matrimonial sites. The joy of customized search, shortlisting and sharing with all relevant members of family and extended family became convenient with the click of a button with online matrimonial sites.. But, the apprehension of fake profiles and false claims remained.  People became somewhat doubtful of choosing online matrimony leaving the traditional medium of marriage due to various fraudulent undertakings/enterprises. ABPweddings attempts to remove this concern of yours as its motto is ‘Real People, Real Relationships’.

ABPWeddings makes submission of a photo ID mandatory for any user who would like to connect with other users registered on the site. The documents submitted are moderated manually to match the information provided. Hence the profiles here are trustworthy unlike other matrimonial sites. One can be certain that one is communicating with a genuine person and not a fictitious profile!


With their dedicated relationship managers at your service, whoever is looking to find a perfect match through ABPWeddings, will not have to worry about any hassle at all. Starting from sending selected profiles through WhatsApp every week, to contacting the opposite party for their consent, to arranging the final meet up between both families.

ABPWeddings have been applauded by most of the respected Bengali families both in India & USA, who have taken their services. Not just that, once anyone enrolls with ABPWeddings, we take utmost care of their customer’s privacy. Never any photo or phone number is disclosed on the site without the user’s consent, neither can any unverified profile contact the legit users on ABPweddings site.

With all these services available along with their guarantee of 100% verified users on the platform, ABPWeddings has been the go-to destination for all Bengalis who want to find the perfect life partner for themselves or for their children.

What is Hriday Sangam ?

In 2022 ABPweddings is collaborating with NABC to create the first of its kind event – Hriday Sangam in Las Vegas on 2nd July, 2022. It will be a fun event where eligible bachelors and bachelorettes can meet up with fellow bengali singles staying in the USA.

In Hriday Sangam we will try to match singles whose preferences and interests coincide with each other, and through games and activities we will get a conversation started between them. In this way the prospective bride or groom can meet interested young singles along with their families and choose according to their preferences.

We understand the bond of the Bengali community in the USA & keeping that in mind we will be presenting the best of Bengali brides & grooms profile to choose from. We will help you in searching for your dream Bengali soulmate and build a perfect life together.

Please register for the event at

  • Seats are limited. So hurry and register

  • Early bird registrations can get 50% off on registration fees