Partner Organization Benefits

Partnership Fees:

Domestic and International Clubs and Organizations can be a part of the NABC 2022 in Las Vegas by paying a Partnership Fees of 500 USD.


1. If the organizations bring 25 registrations, they will get the opportunity to have group performance of their organization for 20 – 25 mins in one of the auditoriums in Planet Hollywood Casino. Detailed guidelines of the performance will be provided by the NABC Committee.

2. NABC will give back 10% of the total revenue generated from the organizations which includes: Regular Registration, Sponsors, Advertisers, Donors, Vendors and others “ONLY” if the organization name is selected from the DROP-DOWN section of the Registration page of the NABC 2022 website

3. Organization Logo and Page link will be displayed in the Partner Section of the website.

If you have any questions, please contact Biswa Bhattacharya at 732-977-3890


Added incentives to affiliated organizations/clubs:

Those who have matching donation privilege from their office, please consider being a Regular Donor, Premium Donor or Bronze Sponsor. Individuals will not only get the donors/sponsor’s privileges, the affiliated local organization/club through which they register, will get 10% discount on the out of pocket amount (excluding the matching amount).